How much do you charge?
Personalized fees are quoted on a practice by practice basis
Outsourcing your medical claims billing function is generally based on a percentage of total receivables - not billables! If you don't collect we don't collect! Other services such as Credentialing or Insurance contract review/negotiation are generally based on a time and materials basis. A variety of factors are considered in preparing a fee quote including (but not limited to): medical discipline, practice size, current condition of receivables, the practice management system used, and the patient/carrier profile - among many others. However, processing the billing function (including charge review/posting, transmission/mailing, EOB/payment posting, working the aged receivables, and patient statement processing) most practices will fall within the 6.00% to 8.00% range.

What are the 'hidden' costs?
At QS2 Medical Billing & Consulting, there are no hidden costs. Transmission fees, postage fees, paper (HCFA) supply fees, etc. are all included in most cases.

How do I get my money?
QS2 Medical Billing & Consulting does not accept payments and/or reimbursements from carriers or patients. As a standard accounting security function, you do not want the same entity that receives your money to be the one posting the payments. The checks go to you. Direct Deposits go into your bank account. QS2 Medical Billing & Consulting requires only copies of the EOB's with checks attached for balancing purposes.

How can I be sure I maintain control over my accounts?
Control is based on involvement. Being kept 'in the loop' is critical. QS2 Medical Billing & Consulting maintains strict accounting standard checks and balances to ensure that every dollar is accounted for, and that there is a paper trail to follow for investigative purposes. With almost 200 reports available with a few mouse clicks, QS2 Medical Billing & Consulting can provide all the reports in any desired frequency. From daily deposit/posting reports to which accounts to send to collections, you select the information you require and the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or annually) QS2 Medical Billing & Consulting will work with you and/or provide the information to ensure you are comfortable with your level of control.

How long do I have to commit (How long is the contract)?
Most service agreements are for a term of 1 year with an 'evergreen' clause enabling it to rollover each year. However, most service agreements also include an escape clause. If you are not satisfied with QS2 Medical Billing & Consulting's level of service, dedication, or its' results for you - you can opt out of the contract with 90 days written notice without any fees or penalties in most cases.

What should I look for in an outsourced billing service?
Most, if not, all reputable outsourced billing services will already practice many of the following:
  • There are several organizations that certify coders, ensure that your charges are processed by a coder who has proof of certification(s), and that those certifications are maintained through continued education and re-certification.
  • A policy of standard accounting checks and balances must be in place including segregation of related functions, cross balancing, and adequate reporting (see below).
  • Reporting is critical not only to your cash flow, but also to the overall management of your practice. This information should be readily available for your review. Limited, delayed, or non-existent reporting practices must be avoided.
  • There is no substitute for experience. Experience in your medical discipline is an advantage.
  • Ownership of your patient database is a much overlooked area. Most providers don't think about an outsourced billing service maintaining the patient database until after the business relationship ends. At that point, the question of database ownership becomes critical. Ensure that database ownership is maintained by you throughout your business relationship regardless of location.
  • Most reputable outsourced medical billing services will have a verifiable service history with current and/or former clients willing to provide references. With that service history, aside from new start-up services, most reputable outsourced medical billing services will operate from an office location separate and distinct from a home office.
  • Membership in any number of professional organizations is indicative of a reputable outsourced medical billing service.
  • Any outsourced medical billing service MUST be 100% HIPAA compliant, and must be able to offer proof.
  • OIG Compliance plan: The Office of the Inspector General is currently working on legislation to monitor and regulate outsourced medical billing services AND on-site billing services. While an OIG compliance plan is not yet mandatory, the more reputable outsourced medical billing services will be taking a pro-active approach by developing an OIG compliance plan.
  • In the current environment of accelerated technology and cyberspace, location of an outsourced medical billing service becomes less meaningful as long as you can maintain control over your accounts as noted above and have confidence in those processing your claims.
  • "Price follows Function" or "You get what you pay for." Selecting an outsourced medical billing service based exclusively on price may not be the best fit for your practice.

Can you help me qualify for Meaningful Use?
Yes. Regardless of where you are on the path to Meaningful Use, QS2 Medical Billing & Consulting can help guide you through the process using the state-of-the-art EHR Software and corresponding “Dashboard” which not only identifies the criteria needed to attain Meaningful Use, but provides information on each deficient measure so you know exactly what needs to be done to qualify.