Mission/ Values/ Process/ Benefits

Mission Statement

To utilize only the highest ethical and professional standards to earn our clients’ trust, and allow our clients to concentrate on their patients in complete confidence that their billing function is handled properly with their reimbursements maximized.

Benefits of Outsourcing

The level of difficulty in receiving appropriate payment has never been greater. Government regulation. Insurance company policy and frequent policy changes. Inadequate or untimely information from patients. Constant changes to the coding rules. All these issues and many more have made the ability to be paid properly for the work you’ve already provided in good faith incredibly complicated. A medical education is no longer enough to run a successful medical practice. A coding and reimbursement education, once perhaps a luxury, is now a necessity.

Consider the following cost savings and benefits of outsourcing your billing function:

  • Payroll expense.
  • Payroll Tax expense.
  • Vacation/Sick/PTO expense.
  • Postage and ECS (Electronic Claim Submission) expense.
  • Paper (including HCFA forms) expense.
  • Continued Education Expense.
  • Storage expense.
  • PMS (Practice Management System) and related support expense.
  • Government regulation of billing processes is increasing, the cost of compliancy can be extreme.

Time expense: the time spent on the billing function could be used to:
  • spend with patients.
  • manage other areas of your practice.
  • spend with family and friends/Improve the quality of life.

Convert office space once used for billing into exam rooms (income-producing space)

And if outsourced to the right company:
  • NO loss of control over your accounts.
  • All coders are CPC and/or RMC certified.
  • State-of-the-Art Practice Management System including Front-end Contract Reimbursements.
  • Full Reporting provided at no additional cost.
  • Full State and Local reporting.
  • QS2 Medical Billing & Consulting's 60+ years experience as a resource.
  • Practice Management Review & Analysis.
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant.
  • OIG plan.
  • Increased cash flow & faster reimbursements.