Revenue/Receivables Management

QS2 Medical Billing & Consulting is dedicated to collecting every penny you are due! Given the complexity of medical billing from government legislation to changes, changes in carrier policy, and the ever more imaginative methods used to reduce your reimbursements, the need for specialists in this field has never been greater.

QS2 Medical Billing services will ensure that your claims are:

  • 'clean' (properly coded) prior to transmission/mailing. QS2 Medical Billing and Consulting's coders are CPC and/or RMC certified. QS2 Medical Billing & Consulting also employs one of the most advanced 'cutting-edge' programs for 'scrubbing' claims before transmission. This program is similar to the one used by most carriers. The 'cleaner' the claim, the fewer rejections resulting in faster and greater reimbursements.
  • Transmitted/mailed within 24 hours of receipt (or printed on standard HCFA 1500NPI forms - as needed. i.e. for some secondary payers).
  • Claim rejections/denials are worked immediately upon receipt of EOB.
  • Ensure all insurance claims are worked according to our strict Aged Receivables Policy.
  • Ensure all personal claims are worked to your specifications - you remain in control of your patient accounts.

QS2 Medical Billing services will ensure that your payments:

  • Go directly to you - not to QS2 Medical Billing. It is your money and should be controlled by you.
  • will get posted with 24 hours of receipt.
  • Match your contracted physician fee schedule

QS2 Medical Billing services will:

  • provide monthly progress reports, at a minimum, and as much reporting as desired. Custom reports are always available upon request.
  • utilize state-of-the-art technology to retrieve, post, scrub, transmit, track, and satisfy all outstanding balances.
  • use its' extensive background to offer "Best Practice" suggestions and recommendations.
  • always be available for support on any clinical or business issue.
  • work diligently to ensure all accounts exceed your expectations!

Across the street... or across the country! In today's High-Tech world of the Internet, location becomes irrelevant.

What matters is the dedication and experience of your billing partners